Brexit fallout

"In the end, nearly everyone I went to school with in a very working class part of England voted for Leave. Everyone I went to university with voted to Remain."

Josie writes in the New Zealand Herald about the reasons for Brexit and the consequences.

Brexit, Auckland Rail Link, and foreign trusts

Josie joined Bill Ralston and Larry Williams on The Huddle to the UK’s Brexit vote, plea-bargaining, the Auckland rail link to the airport, and the Shewan inquiry into foreign trust disclosure rules.

Listen to Part 1 here
The Huddle 27 June 2016 Pt 1

Part 2 is here.
The Huddle 27 June 2016 Pt 2

Brexit - what it means

Josie joined the panel on TVNZ’s Q+A to discuss Brexit.

Watch it

Nimbies & Brexit

Josie joined Nick Mills and Tim Fookes on the Friday Forum to discuss nimbies, Brexit, a Wellington airport ferry and more.


Working class voters and Brexit

I was sitting with the Prime Minister of Sweden and his counterpart from Albania in a room with about 150 centre-left political leaders and analysts as we tried to understand why Britain is thinking of leaving the EU. We were in Stockholm, at a Progressive Governance conference - a kind of lefty-Davos.

Josie in the NZ Herald.

Brexit and congestion charging

Josie joined Janet Wilson and Larry Williams on The Huddle on Newstalk ZB as the Brexit vote goes down to the wire with a late surge for Remain. And proposals for a congestion charging traffic in Auckland.

Listen to Part 1:
The Huddle 22 June 2016 Pt 1

And Part 2 here:
The Huddle 22 June 2016 Pt 2

Organ donation and immigration

Josie joined Mike Yardley and Larry Williams on The Huddle on Newstalk ZB to discuss calls for an organ donor register, calls to cap immigration at 15,000 and a new senior’s party being established.

Listen to Part 1:
The Huddle 7 June 2016 Pt 1

and Part 2:
The Huddle 7 June 2016 Pt 2

Progresssive governance and Auckland housing

Josie joined Trish Sherson and Larry Williams on the Huddle on Newstalk ZB and discussed the Progressive Governance conference she attended in Stockholm, Auckland’s housing - the government had a national housing policy statement. Want to solve Auckland’s housing issues next week? Tax it; A look at infrastructure bonds to pay for development; And debt to income ratios, which affect first home buyers even though they aren’t the cause of the housing affordability problem.

Listen to Part 1 here.
The Huddle 2 June 2016 Pt 1

And Part 2:
The Huddle 2 June 2016 Pt 2


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