Waitangi Day and TPP protests | Josie Pagani


Waitangi Day and TPP protests

Josie Pagani joins Nick Mills and Tim Fookes on Newstalk ZB's Friday Forum.

The Prime Minister decides not to go to Waitangi this year, and TPP protests. Josie objects to "The idea you would equate the Springbok tour and anti-apartheid protests with signing a trade deal - apartheid was a truly horrific invention. This is a trade deal about which reasonable people can disagree. This is not nuclear free New Zealand."
Friday Forum 5 Feb 2016 Pt 1

Out of all the trade deals we have signed, why has the TPP become the focus? Labour's new policy of three year's of free post-school education. "This is hugely beneficial to the economy. The problem Labour has is that people trust Labour to be compassionate, to fund health and education. They don't trust Labour to be fiscally responsible, despite the fact Michael Cullen ran nine surpluses in a row. The position on the TPP made it looks like education would be free, on the other hand how are you going to pay for it if you're not prepared to support a trade deal with access to 40% of the world's GDP?"
Friday Forum 5 Feb 2016 Pt 2

Trade skills courses offered through schools. T2 lanes are coming back. How do our petrol prices compare to those in other countries?
Friday Forum 5 Feb 2016 Pt 3

How we are keeping cool in Wellington's spell of hot weather. And this week's Hots and Nots.
Friday Forum 5 Feb 2016 Pt 4